What is Flirty Girl? 
The Flirty Girl Fitness Program, created by women for women, works the entire body, targeting specific muscle
groups, while maintaining flirty fun, non-stop cardio dance moves. There's a flirty girl in all of us.
Most of us have tucked it away and some of us have forgotten it's even there. Besides having fun, Flirty Girl
to me, means feeling comfortable with myself, moving freely with confidence and with out worry, finding my
strength in my body, while embracing my feminine side.   What ever it means to you, this is the place to embrace
it and if needed, rediscover it.  
​Come Dance with us!
You'll love it!

Stay Tuned for our Upcoming Events 

Past Events

December 7-14  

Toy Drive to benefit the San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program

November 5 

Thank you to the Wonderful Flirty Dance Fitness Dancers and SF Locals that joined us November 5 in creating a Flash Mob for #SFLocallove Day.  Looking into the many requests to perform again during the Holiday Season. 


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Flirty Dance Yourself Fit

Stay Tuned! We'll be back in SAn Francisco Soon

 This is a CARDIO DANCE FITNESS Class with a Latin/Hip Hop Influence, plus a touch of Flirty.  

I will be offering classes, which will hopefully work for all schedules. The goal is to make at least 3 classes per week, so that you not only learn the routines, but you'll also see and feel the benefit.  We burn up to 760 Calories in the 1 hour of fun dancing. How much do you burn on a treadmill??? Exactly!
I'm truly excited to share this love/obsession with you. It's thrilling to watch yourself improve, as you develop more strength, as well as flexibility. This class is for all ages, as well as all levels. We move at our own pace. I only ask that you keep moving, have fun, while remembering to challenge yourself.  

Flirty dance Fitness

with a Latin/Hip ​Hop Influence, plus a Touch of  Flirty